We’ve seen the reemergence of vaccine-preventable disease in the U.S. during the past few years, including widespread measles outbreaks, which we saw in Oklahoma and 30 other states earlier this year. It’s time to take a stand for science-backed immunization information and policies to protect our communities.


Low immunization rates enable vaccine-preventable disease to reemerge and spread. Oklahoma’s immunization exemption rate has been steadily climbing during the past several years, meaning there’s been an increase in children heading to school without receiving recommended vaccines. When we as a community choose not to vaccinate, it’s not just a personal decision or a choice made for a child. It leaves individuals, families and communities vulnerable to serious disease – especially in the case of those who rely on others to be protected, such as infants and those who are immunocompromised.


Immunization is important for protecting ourselves and the health of our loved ones and communities. It is among the safest, most effective and easiest ways to protect ourselves and our loved ones against preventable disease.


As parents, teachers, local officials, business owners and much more, we are committed to improving the health of our schools, communities and families through education and engagement by joining the Oklahoma Alliance for Healthy Families.


All Oklahomans interested in protecting our communities are encouraged to join us, support local public health measures to increase immunization rates across the state and advocate for science-based policy.


Yes! I’m ready to take a stand for a healthy Oklahoma.


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