Help make 2021 a better year: Get the COVID-19 Vaccination when you're eligible

Dr. Eve Switzer, private practitioner, offers her first-hand account of getting vaccinated. Find out how the COVID-19 vaccine is different from other vaccines and how it will help.

Show you care: Get the COVID-19

vaccine when you can

Dr. Calin Kirk, family medicine doctor at Sam Hider Health Center, says she had zero hesitation about taking the vaccine as a breastfeeding mother and she'll vaccine her children when possible. She reminds us that getting sick with COVID can make others sick who may not recover well. Get her perspective as one of the first doctors to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in Oklahoma.

Excited for a better year: The COVID vaccine

makes that possible

Dr. Rachel Franklin, vice chair of the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine’s Department of Family and Preventive Medicine and director of its clinics, had not been more excited to participate in healthcare than when receiving the COVID vaccine since the birth of her twins 20 years ago. She discusses how vital it is to moving forward. In addition to getting vaccinated, she asks that others not engage with anti-vax disinformation on social media.

For yourself and for your community: Why you should get vaccinated against COVID-19 when you can

Dr. Raghuveer Vedala, family medicine practitioner at the University of Oklahoma, discusses the critical role of herd immunity in returning to pre-pandemic life. He addresses common myths and the hope for community wellness in 2021.