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The Oklahoma State Department of Health is proposing amendments to the Immunization Rules and we need your help!

The proposed changes will strengthen the process for obtaining exemptions for children enrolled in Oklahoma schools or child care centers to include:

  • The delivery of educational materials from a local health department prior to completion of the exemption form;

  • Redirect requestors from a school to a local health department to obtain the exemption form; and

  • Require an exemption form prior to kindergarten and prior to middle school (7th grade).

For the complete rule changes, click here.

The comment period for these proposed rule changes is from February 3, 2020, to March 7, 2020.

We encourage you to submit comment in support of these changes either online, by mail or in person during this time .

It is OUR time to take a stand for public health! Thank you for your help.

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