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Debi Tully - COVID Testimony


As a grandmother of eight, I recently received my second dose of the Moderna vaccine. My husband, Stuart, and I drove several hours out of the metro area to get vaccinated, which was worth the sacrifice to me. I would have driven even farther, out of state, or to the ends of the earth in order to get vaccinated.

I have personally seen close friends suffer through the COVID pandemic. My husband, a Baptist minister, has performed funerals for friends who have died from the virus .  We’ve held hands during the other funerals we’ve attended, sitting on the sidelines, double-masked, staying six-feet away from other mourners, longing to be close enough to hug the hurting, a normal, human reaction and need.

I received photos of friends in the hospital placed on ventilators, and they have been heartbreaking.  I have witnessed family members continuing to live with the residual effects of COVID,  which has affected their eyesight, caused numbness in limbs and many other unexplainable neurological abnormalities. I am a Christian and will continue to pray  for my friends, and their family members.

I wanted to be sure I had all the information needed about the COVID vaccines, so I could make the best, most-informed decision.. Before making that final vaccine appointment, I met with a close family member working on the COVID floor at a local hospital. Seeing that loved one worn down from constant service, from the heartache of seeing death, I also called  my daughter-in-law, an infectious disease physician in the  Air Force and had a lengthy conversation about the vaccine’s efficacy.  I chose to be vaccinated in light of those experiences and the minimal risk compared to the massive potential for benefit.

I also had absolute confidence to recommend the COVID vaccine to others, especially those with medically fragile relatives..  Three of my grandchildren have special needs; two were born with the rare and terminal genetic disease, Nonktotic Hyperglycinemia*(NKH) )  It is important that those who can be vaccinated choose to receive the vaccine to better protect vulnerable patients who cannot be vaccinated.

For me, getting the COVID vaccination represents a sacrifice of  love. I encourage those within my community to put others first by getting vaccinated, continuing to wear masks when out in public and continuing to observe social distancing.

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