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Hope, gratitude and giving: Please remember science and supporters this #GivingTuesday

As we look to the holiday season, with its traditions of gratitude and giving, our staff at the Oklahoma Alliance for Healthy Families (OAHF) wishes every family well. This year in particular, our focus turns to the gifts science has bestowed on public health. The community we share benefits from evidence-based practices, access to vaccines and the professional knowledge of scientists who have dedicated their lives to research.

Later this month, as families everywhere gather around the table with thankfulness in mind, our wish is that health and all who work to make it possible do not go unnoticed. More frontline workers than ever will work long shifts, social distancing may keep us apart and family life might look vastly different during a pandemic but science offers hope for a vaccine in the new year.

Parents, doctors and other advocates also speak up on behalf of those who would not otherwise be heard. They too are community heroes. We see you and support you. Caring for children, the elderly and individuals with underlying health conditions is a cause we too speak up for, day in and day out.

If the measure of a society is how its most vulnerable members are treated, we have a lot to be proud of but also progress yet to be made. Please join us in raising your voice at this critical time for science, for scientists and for those who depend on medical advancements for optimal quality of life. Every person benefits from science-based public health measures.

We are grateful for your willingness to contact legislators, engage in meaningful conversations and share science-based content on social media. That commitment underscores the work we do at OAHF but also promotes public policy and factual information to keep our families, friends and neighbors healthy.

Please consider donating to OAHF this holiday season. Your contributions help make our work possible. This #GivingTuesday, we join non-profit organizations throughout the world in requesting donations. Good finds a way, thanks to supporters like you. Find more information and how to donate at


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